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Multiple award-winning and innovative chef with over fifteen years experience from some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world


Igor Sapega

Born May 9, 1990.


Growing up in a Swedish household, Sapega fell in love with cooking at a young age and began his career

as a chef on the West coast of Sweden.

From Sweden, Sapega first moved to Austria and then the US as a sous-chef trainee. Where he quickly caught the attention of the restaurant industry.

From St. Petersburg to Sweden and from the United States to London, through the turn of the 21st century into the new millennium, Sapega's exceptional style flourished. 

These are the stories of the professional Deaf Chef who took the world of restaurant and Netflix by storm.

In kitchen with Igor Sapega


Curious visitors from all over the world in deaf chef Igor Sapega's professional kitchen.

Igor Sapega King.jpg

Igor Sapega is one of the world's leading deaf chefs and the only recipient of two medals in the Culinary World Cup for Deaf Chefs. Sapega was also named one of the best young chefs in Scandinavia by the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 global talent search.


Sapega provides a delicate touch and an unwavering passion for creating food with soul and a mastery of his craft. A unique rising star in the world's gourmet heaven.

Dish by Igor Sapega

The motivation of the jury 
Igor Sapega has an unshakable passion for creating food with soul, whether innovative or classical dishes. He has deliberately applied himself to good taverns with good role models and received several awards. He has severely impaired hearing, which makes some contexts more difficult than others: here his persistence and perseverance come in handy.



The Geometry

Lightly cooked butternut squash, unpasteurized

goat milk, lovage cream and green leaves.

Igor Sapega knives


 premium performance,

superb craftsmanship and 

spectacular artistry. 

Now you are slicing with power,

Sapega power.

Kiritsuke knife

The Blade

60 day production time per Seijaku Series and an extensive multi-stage quality control procedure ensures an incredibly satisfying investment for your culinary arsenal.

A VG-10 Steel core encased by 67-layers of high-carbon Damascus stainless steel provides exceptional strength, durability 

and stain resistance.

Using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke honing method guarantees scalpel-like sharpness. 

The Handle

Meticulously constructed ultra-premium G-10 ebony handle, carefully hand polished and with an ergonomic handle shape for superior control, agility and comfort.

Stainless steel end cap, engraved with the custom Sapega logo, creates a perfect counter-balance.

Beautifully crafted copper mosaic pin adorns on the center rivet for added distinction. 

Michelin starred chefs


Trusted by Michelin starred chefs


ZIMA Magazine 

London-based magazine for global-minded Russians

Matt Jenkins - The Fat Duck

I recently had the pleasure of handling and sampling a couple of the knifes. They feel like luxury items and are balanced beautifully. It is clear that precise care have gone into the whole process of crafting these incredible blades. They have quality emblazoned all over them. My solid recommendation goes with these knives.

Lara Norman -
Claudi Bosi at Bibendum

Excellent service, great products and fantastic value. I have purchased several knives from the Sapega collection and I am still amazed at the quality, how sharp and retention of sharpness, as well as the beauty of these knives and blades. They are very well balanced and easy grip. Cuts like a Samurai sword

Clyde Wernli - Head chef  Montague on the gardens

I purchased a chefs knife from Sapega knives. So far it has been a great addition to my knife set, I haven’t had to sharpen it yet and it still cuts the same as the day I bought it. For anyone looking for a knife, give these knives a try and you won’t regret it.


Service & Mission

Travels around the world for guest performances and gastronomic collaborations.

- Clin d'Oeil Deaf Festival - France, Reims


- Mingle with SVT Swedish television - Sweden, Stockholm


- Private Chef for Wedding - Montenegro, Tivat


- Guest performance Clin d'Oeil President - France, Reims


- Foodlab "Cooking course on 3 courses" - Sweden, Stockholm


- Jury for Hell's Kitchen young chef's- Sweden, Stockholm


- Guest performance at Camp Stewart - United States, Texas


- Private Chef for Wedding - Sweden, Sollentuna


- Private Chef for 35th Anniversary - Sweden, Stockholm


- Oiol Deaf Festival - United States, Washington (Cancelled)


- Private Chef for Exclusive 6 Course - UK, London

Treat your guests on a culinary experience they wouldnt forget. 

Igor Sapega in Montenegro

Igor Sapega in Montenegro

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