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To celebrate the launch of my new set of knives the Seijaku Fusion Series, you can win a two-hour cooking class with me.

To enter the challenge, purchase one of my knives or bundles and you will automatically be submitted. The winner will be selected by the 31st of May 2021.

Get 3 of my



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The Mission 

The mission of becoming one of the best deaf chef's in the world has a lot of milestones. Making knives for people to enjoy all around the world is definitely one of the big goals. 

My own designed "Seijaku" Knives stand for silence and calmness. Just like in my world, noise is not a big factor. So it's easy to stay calm in stressful situations.

That feeling is something I want to share with you. The calmness you should feel in the kitchen when you make food for yourself and your loved ones.

Making food is something holy and sharing a great meal with a person is one of the most bonding experiences in the world if you ask me. 

Having the right gear is essential for creating a tasteful meal and the kitchen knife is the most important one. 

The knife is the chef's best friend for a reason.

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