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 premium performance,

superb craftsmanship and 

spectacular artistry. 

Now you are slicing with power,

Sapega power.

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The Handle

The Blade

Meticulously constructed ultra-premium ebony handle, carefully hand polished and with an ergonomic handle shape for superior control, agility and comfort.

Stainless steel end cap, engraved with the custom Sapega logo, creates a perfect counter-balance.

Beautifully crafted copper mosaic pin adorns

the center rivet for added distinction. 


60 day production time per Seijaku Series and an extensive multi-stage quality control procedure ensures an incredibly satisfying investment for your culinary arsenal.

With VG-10 Steel core encased by 67-layers of high-carbon Damascus stainless steel provides exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance.

Using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke honing method guarantees scalpel-like sharpness. 




"And yet, so many households have chosen to invest in bad knives for their kitchen. We have taken a closer look at the best quality chef knives that are worth the name and tested which ones are the best buys.


Working with dull knives in the kitchen can quickly become a nightmare and investing in a really good set of knives can lift your cooking to new levels. That is why we have analyzed the tests and reviews from renowned blacksmiths in order to announce here the models with the highest performance rate and most "best in test" awards.


Many people who invest in really good knives do not understand why they have not done so in the past, as their experience of cooking differ like night and day. It may also be worth buying a good cutting board that does not damage the knives" - Igor Sapega


John Saxon - Sapega Group collaborates with John Saxon from Norway, who moved to Japan in 2008, only to master his

knife-making skills.


Kiritsuke Knife

Kiritsuke literally means "slit open". The Kiritsuke knife is best suited for the preparation of fish, meat, and fine slicing of vegetables.

Bread Knife

The serrated edge is able to easily and evenly cut through thick, crusty bread.

Nakiri Knife

The heaviness and shape of the Nakiri make it the perfect thing for breaking down boneless meat and chopping tough vegetables.

Santoku Knife 

All-around knife used for cutting and slicing of fish, meat, vegetables. The Santoku is the best-selling blade shape in Japan.

Chef Knife 

All-around knife for preparing fish, meat, and vegetables. Its's ease of use makes it perfect for both beginner and more advanced chef's.

Utility Knife

A smaller knife used for more precise cutting work when slicing fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Paring Knife

Used for peeling vegetables and fruit. The crooked edge design is conducive to the control of peeling depth.