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The Seijaku Fusion Series bread knife has a long, strong blade. The serrated edge is able to easily and evenly cut through thick, crusty bread and is ideal for every-day kitchen use. The knife has a traditional, practical design and cuts precisely and efficiently.


Igor's thoughts: 

I use this knife daily. Obviously, it works great for cutting bread but it has some other areas where it shines. Tougher food such as different types of melons, pineapple, and other fruits and vegetables that are larger in size. Straight-edged knives usually get trapped in such foods and can pose a cutting hazard to any chef. With the serrations along its long cutting edge, acts just like a saw and makes it easy to slicing through food as you move the knife back and forth.

Fun fact, my colleges dad always insists on using a bread knife no matter what food he cuts no matter what we tell him. We never eat at his place anymore. 

The VG-10 super steel core of the knife is encased by 67 layers of Damascus steel. The blade construction is what sets the Seijaku Fusion Series bread knife apart: state-of-the-art processes ensure a hardness of approximately 62 Rockwell and cutting capabilities of the very highest quality. The unique blade measures 20 cm in length and can cut through firm bread crusts and easily carve bread into ready-to-serve slices. Optimum performance is ensured by the high-quality materials used to make the knife.


The ergonomic handle of ebony wood is a perfect finish to the high-quality steel blade, with a different grain of wood used for each knife, resulting in a truly unique product. The custom design end cap and subtly styled mosaic pin complete the knife's elegant look and are a key design feature of the Seijaku Fusion Knife Series. 


  • Honbazuke honed edge for exceptional sharpness.
  • Precision-forged blade with an ultra-premium Japanese VG-10 super steel core, at 62 Rockwell hardness for unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.
  • 67-layers of high-carbon Damascus steel provides exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance.
  • Ergonomic ebony wood handle for perfect balance and outstanding comfort. 
  • Hand wash only.
  • Warranty: SapegaGroup Lifetime Warranty.
  • 12° degree angle per side.
  • Blade Lenght: 20 cm
  • Handle Lenght: 13,5 cm
  • Weight: 203 gram


Material and standards implemented: Food contact GB/T 15067. 2-2016 Stainless Steel Cutlery GB 4806.9-2016 National Food Safety Standard-Stainless Steel Products

Bread Knife

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