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Matt Jenkins - The Fat Duck

I recently had the pleasure of handling and sampling a couple of the knifes. They feel like luxury items and are balanced beautifully. It is clear that precise care have gone into the whole process of crafting these incredible blades. They have quality emblazoned all over them. My solid recommendation goes with these knives.

Lara Norman -
Claudi Bosi at Bibendum

Excellent service, great products and fantastic value. I have purchased several knives from the Sapega collection and I am still amazed at the quality, how sharp and retention of sharpness, as well as the beauty of these knives and blades. They are very well balanced and easy grip. Cuts like a Samurai sword

Clyde Wernli - Head chef  Montague on the gardens

I purchased a chefs knife from Sapega knives. So far it has been a great addition to my knife set, I haven’t had to sharpen it yet and it still cuts the same as the day I bought it. For anyone looking for a knife, give these knives a try and you won’t regret it.

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